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Etsi Ki Allios Epta Tragoudia Tha Sou Po By Themis Andreadis

After 50 years of enduring presence in our musical scene and with a break of some years from the discography, Themis Andreadis, the characteristic performer and songwriter of great satirical and not only successes that marked an era and a motto in our daily lives from the 1970s until today, such as the songs "Eimai poli oraios", "I will go to the jungle with Tarzan", "No, it's not necessary", "Mother-in-law", "Lula", "Karagiozis", "Dear Mrs. Maria", "Do you have a penthouse or are they calling you?", "Dimitrakis", "The romantic meal", "The burdened man", and many other well-known ones, makes a resonant and dynamic return to the discography with his new music collection, which has the color and aroma of his well-known artistic personality but also a romantic and sensitive side in surprise songs that he will share with the audience in collector circles.

"Etsi Ki Allios Epta Tragoudia Tha Sou Po" is the first cycle.

Featuring compositions by Themis Andreadis, Christos Vidiniotis, and Stelios Tzanetis, and lyrics by Themis Andreadis, Angelos Tsekeris, and Kostas Alexiou, digitally released by Protasis Music. Vocally participating are Phoebus Delivorias, the debutant Anna Andreadi, and Nadia Karagianni.

Lyrics: Angelos Tsekeris

Music: Themis Andreadis

Orchestration: Stamatis Christou

Production: Themis Andreadis

Released by Protasis Music


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