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NEW DIGITAL SINGLE RELEASE PASSENGERS IN PANIC "KAIXIS" Protasis Music releases an attention-worthy cover of the classic and timeless "Kaixis" by Apostolos Chatzichristou and Giorgos Fotidas, performed by the band Passengers in Panic. The rendition maintains traditional elements and forms while presenting a rock interpretation. The reimagined "Kaixis" is released as a single and will be included in the band's upcoming album, the second in their artistic journey, set to be released soon. Noteworthy guest vocal performances on this track include the exceptional Greek actor Giannis Tsortekis. An unexpected participation comes from Apostolos Chatzichristou's granddaughter, Lianna Bardi, a reputable musician, on vocals. Credits and details of the music production and video clip for "Kaixis": Cover by Passengers in Panic Vocals: Ioanna Galani, Giannis Tsortekis Backing vocals: Lela Argyri, Lianna Gari Vallia Bardi Guitars: Lela Argyri Bass: Lefteris Christou Drums: Phoivos Andriopoulos Composer: Apostolos Chatzichristou Lyricists: Apostolos Chatzichristou / Giorgos Fotidas Video clip director: Giannis Diassakis Actor: Elisavet Kavalaki ABOUT PASSENGERS IN PANIC Passengers In Panic self-describe as a Heavy Metal Greek Traditional Folk Metal band based in Athens, founded in December 2019. The dynamic of the band, following some changes, has now been shaped, with Yohanna (Ioanna Galani) on vocals, Lefteris Christou on bass (ex-Inactive Messiah, ex-Womb Of Maggots), Lela Argyri on guitar (Rocket Queens), and Phoivos Andriopoulos on drums. Their debut album, titled "Leap Of Faith," was released in 2020. Their various influences compose a sound with progressive and primarily Greek elements, as well as broader traditional influences. Instruments such as the Macedonian gaida, kaval, laouto, violin, and of course, the daouli, create a traditional atmosphere, uniting all the pieces together. From the first listen, it is apparent that the inspiration stems from human experiences and various situations faced daily, including toxic relationships, human violence, the struggle for survival, injustices, as well as social issues, discovered through the music and lyrics of Passengers In Panic. In 2022, the band performed not only in Athens but also in cities across Greece and abroad, at various major Metal festivals like the Gothoom Open Air Festival in Slovakia, where they shared the stage with many well-known bands from the global metal scene, including Kataklysm, Suffocation, Draconian, Memoriam, Moribund Oblivion, Aeonian Sorrow, and many more. In March 2024, they played in Bucharest for the Psychosounds Metal Ladies Night. Released by Protasis Music, available on all digital platforms: Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: Youtube:
Panos Katsimihas "To spiti me tis akakies"
Another outstanding collaboration of Panos Katsimihas with Protasis Music is manifested through the release of his new digital album titled "The House with the Acacias," reaffirming our company's timeless coexistence with the distinguished artist. Panos himself provides his description regarding the content of this collection, as well as the motive behind its creation and release, in a recent interview with Metronomos magazine, as excerpted below: "The House with the Acacias" is what embraced my childhood, adolescence, and the painful early adulthood with love. Then began a journey that took us far away and for a long time. However, in this house, everything happened. The first readings, the first melodies, the first decisions, the determination for a path I had chosen as a child, even though I didn't admit it, not even to myself. What followed afterward was just a matter of time. Everything had to happen... and it did." **This pertains to the album "The House with the Acacias." The renowned meticulous and qualitatively excellent production of Panos Katsimihas, with its characteristic and beloved sound and performance, adds yet another significant release to the existing repertoire of Protasis Music, in continuation of the timeless collaboration with producers Haris and Panos Katsimihas. "House with the Acacias" is musically described and interpreted through 9 well-known songs, exemplifying both creative and interpretive writing by Panos Katsimihas, in collaboration with exceptional musicians, ensuring the aesthetic result of the production. Detailed information about the musicians and the lyrics of the songs is provided in the attached file. Spotify: iTunes/ Apple music: Deezer: Youtube playlist:
Panos Katsimihas, Kostas Leivadas "San louloudi sto vraho"
A record encounter between two significant and multifaceted creators, who co-sign and perform exceptionally together. "Like a Flower on the Rock" is the title of the song, with Music by Kostas Leivadas and Lyrics by Panos Katsimihas. A successful coexistence that has both past and present, and we hope for a future. Two artists guaranteeing quality writing and performances. We hope "Like a Flower on the Rock" finds hearts to blossom in. Released by Protasis Music. Lyrics: Panos Katsimihas Music: Kostas Leivadas Song: Panos Katsimihas, Kostas Leivadas Piano-santouri: Kostas Leivadas Violins-violas: Fotis Siotas Orchestration: Kostas Leivadas - Panos Katsimihas - with the contribution of Fotis Siotas on strings Recording-mixing-mastering: Alexandros Chrysides, Sierra Studio Publisher: Protasis Music Publishing Released by Protasis Music Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: Youtube: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "When I received the lyrics from "Like a Flower on the Rock" by Panos Katsimihas, at first, I was deeply moved, embraced it with my soul, and then, for a long time, I didn't read it again in its entirety, I just stole glances at it because I found it difficult to depart from the position of the recipient and listener who had received this message in the bottle that traveled thousands of years, as much as the almighty function of the song. I became a fellow traveler at an unsuspecting blessed moment, which I had been waiting for a long time. Just as it ideally happens on unforgettable journeys... Indeed, lifelong listeners, those who respect the gift and carry the flame, know that the song never leaves you first and is doubly generous in patience and persistence. It saves lives and accommodates us all, and for this, Panos and I owe our own lives. Enjoy. Kostas - Panos March 2024" Subscribe now to Protasis Music's music channel: Subscribe here: FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY: Follow us on SPOTIFY: Connect with Protasis Music: ▶ Website: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Google+:   #PanosKatsimihas #KostasLeivadas #protasismusic #panoskatsimihas #NewRelease2024 #newreleasefriday #sanlouloudistovraho #greekmusic"  
Miltos Pavlou “ITHACA” Cavafy Poetry
With the exceptional musical and interpretative approach of Miltos Pavlou, who sets to music, interprets, and translates the poetry of Constantine P. Cavafy into English, we present the new collection of musical works "ITHACA Cavafy Poetry". This musical collection, which is a continuation of Protasis Music's previous release, includes 12 poems by Cavafy, translated, set to music, and interpreted by Miltos Pavlou himself. Especially the poem "ITHACA" is included as a bonus track translated and interpreted in Italian. This collection is a significant step towards promoting and spreading Cavafy's poetry beyond borders, aiming to bring the global audience closer and more directly to the work of our great Greek poet. The translations of the poems by Miltos Pavlou himself, as well as his compositions and interpretations, approach with respect and sensitivity the rendition of Cavafy's poetry, highlighting the eternal value of his poems. Available worldwide on all digital platforms from Protasis Music. Youtube playlist  
Themis Andreadis "Tou erota kai tou chamou"
Themis Andreadis "Tou erota.. kai tou chamou" (Of Love... and Chaos) 14 + 1 songs New music compilation/digital release from Protasis Music Produced by Themis Andreadis/Protasis Music With 55 years of enduring presence in Greek music and a hiatus from discography for some years, Themis Andreadis makes a powerful comeback. With this second collection of 14 + 1 eclectic songs, he showcases another multifaceted and dynamic aspect of himself as a composer, lyricist, and a sensitive performer, in addition to his well-known role as a creator and interpreter of satirical songs. Today, timeless and indestructible by the years that have passed, he proves that he remains a distinct artistic personality with much more to offer to the Greek music scene. The music collection "Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos" includes ballads, timeless folk influences, songs with sensitive humor, and elements of rock. Outstanding performances by participating contemporary artists add depth and dimension to an already excellent musical material that stands out for its diversity in sounds, melodies, and rhythms. Collaborating artists include Themis Andreadis, Dimitris Andreadis, Doros Demosthenous, Violeta Ikari, Nefeli Fasouli, and Martha Frinzila. A special collaboration and interpretative dialogue with Themis Andreadis is the actor Spyros Papadopoulos. Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos, 14 + 1 songs 14 compositions by Themis Andreadis with lyrics by Mary Fasoulaki and his own, born through a dialogue and the sharing of personal experiences between the two creators. Some of these songs, already well-received by the audience, embark on their journey today on all digital platforms and YouTube. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Themis Andreadis is one of the distinctive artistic figures of the post-dictatorship era in Greek music. Flourishing during a period when Greek music, freed from restrictions imposed during the dictatorship, thrived and left behind a significant cultural legacy, Themis Andreadis made an indelible mark that endures to this day. Starting as a guitarist and singer in prominent ensembles of the time, Andreadis was discovered by Giannis Markopoulos. Markopoulos provided him with the opportunity to begin his career with huge timeless hits of the era, such as "Tou andra tou polla vary" and "Tha pao sti zoungla me ton Tarzan." Recognizing Andreadis's diverse interpretive skills, the composer entrusted him with ballads like "Ochi den prepei na synantithoume" and "Pou pate loipon." With a rich, creative discography and a stage presence over 55 years, Themis Andreadis remains a complete artist with a unique stage presence. He has collaborated as an interpreter with eminent composers such as Giannis Markopoulos, Mimis Plessas, George Hadjinasios, Vasilis Dimitriou, Christodoulos Halaris, and significant poets and lyricists like Erricos Thalassinos, Giorgos Chronas, Giorgos Skourtis, and Kostas Virvos. In 1973, he met lyricist and cartoonist Giannis Logothetis, also known as LoGo. In collaboration with composer-musician Giannis Kiourktsoglou, they pioneered a new genre of songwriting. This genre, in conjunction with Themis Andreadis's interpretive and stage presence, achieved immense success and was recognized and recorded as Satirical Song. After many years of collaboration with major production companies, Themis Andreadis decided to follow the path of independent production and recording. As a composer and now also as a singer, he collaborated with Manos Eleftheriou, Lazaros Biki, Mino Amaroti (pseudonym of poet Manolis Anagnostakis), and poet Giannis Efthimiadis. This second collection, "Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos," following the recent release titled "7 tragoudia tha sou po" ("I will tell you 7 songs"), is  released by Protasis Music. Protasis Music continues with the same ideology of quality representation, hosting a great artist who still has much to create and communicate in our musical environment. The album is available digitally on all platforms and YouTube. Spotify: Deezer: Youtube:
"ITHAKI" by Miltos Pavlou. Music Adaptation of the Poetry of Constantine P. Cavafy.
ITHAKI / ITHACA: A New Musical Journey Back to Basics Back to basics with a fresh perspective, the poetry of Constantine P. Cavafy takes center stage in a musical interpretation and performance by Miltos Pavlou. This latest release from Protasis Music is a remarkable discographic production with a strong archival interest, undeniable musical quality, and artistry. With special honor, we welcome and digitally release a limited number of collector's CDs from Protasis Music. This exceptional production signifies a modern approach to the precious Cavafian poetic chapter, showing respect for his work and unique compositional and interpretative interest from a musical creator and more, Miltos Pavlou, a social scientist of Cavafy's poetry. As Miltos himself characterizes it, "The collection aims to contribute to a return to basic principles and values in a critical and challenging period in Greece and the world. It gathers musical expressions of Cavafy's poetry created over the last almost forty years as an internal response to challenges of personal and social life. It comes at a moment of multifaceted crisis in our social coexistence. By focusing on the significant, it may help us look forward. Serving as a musical work, it addresses the need for introspection, reflection, and recreation. It hopes to contribute, in its modest measure and scope, to individual and collective uplift and overcoming, as poetry and musical expression often allow or prompt us." Regarding the English-language "Ithaca," translated by Miltos Pavlou and included as a bonus track in the self-titled collection, the composer living and working in Vienna says, "The collection also targets a non-Greek-speaking audience. Apart from the rendition of 'Ithaca' in English as a bonus track, it includes, as text in the CD Album edition, a careful rendering of the vocal performance of Greek lyrics in English (phonetic transliteration). This enables a non-Greek-speaking audience, who loves the poet, to more easily follow the Greek interpretation of each poem's musical setting." The release of an entirely English-language collection, with modern translations of the same poems into English by Miltos Pavlou, builds upon and respects existing significant translations, constructing a new set of contemporary English translations with musical and rhythmic fluidity. "Ithaca" in English, translated by Milto Pavlou, as a bonus track in the Greek debut collection, is a sample of this second collection. Contributors: Music and performance by Miltos Pavlou, Orchestration by Sergios Voudris. Co-production by Miltos Pavlou and Sergios Voudris. Odysseas Tziritas on guitar. Maranthi Karagianni, Nefeli Liouta (Violin), Stelios Papanastasiou (Viola), Weronika Kijewska (Cello). Sergios Voudris on musical execution and choir. The children's choir of Spyros Lampros participates crucially in the final refrain of Ithaca, as does the Ukrainian refugee family friend, soprano Iliana-Haidouk-Koutserouk, with vocals on Acoustic God Remains. Recording Studios: Diskex Athens and Altāria in Bruckhaufen, Vienna. Mixing and mastering by Stavros Georgiopoulos at Diskex Studio. Brief Biography of Miltos Pavlou: Miltos Pavlou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Today, he lives and works in Vienna, Austria, serving at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). As a researcher-writer with studies in Sociology (Italy) and Law (Thessaloniki), he has served in institutions and organizations for human rights in Europe and Asia. In Greece, he served as a Special Scientist at the Greek Ombudsman for 13 years and was the director of institutes and centers for the study and combat of racism and xenophobia and for the protection of human rights (i-RED, Institute for Rights, Equality, and Diversity, etc.). Parallel to his main professional career, he composes and creates songs in Greek and English, reflecting on love, travel, places, people, and anything worthwhile or life-changing. Miltos Pavlou's artistic activity is not for profit, and any potential income from it is dedicated to donations to organizations supporting human rights and socially marginalized groups in Greece and around the world. Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: Youtube: Social Media of Miltos Pavlou:  (for CD orders) Spotify:
Themis Andreadis&Violeta Ikari - Anixi gia dio
"Anixi gia dio"... An exceptional song performed uniquely by the wonderful Violeta Ikari in a duet with Themis Andreadis, revealing his emotional interpretive side in this rendition. The song serves as a precursor to Themis Andreadi's upcoming project, "The Other Side," set to be released in a few days. This adds a new dynamic to his interpretive repertoire, showcasing a new artist profile characterized by sensitivity, romance, and a subdued vocal style. This is just a glimpse of the musical material that is coming soon with the release of Themis Andreadi's entire album titled "Themis Andreadi: Of Love and Loss," featuring 14+1 songs. "Anixi gia dio" Music by Themis Andreadis Lyrics by Mary Fasoulaki The complete album will be available soon. Enjoy the music! iTunes/Apple Music: Spotify: Deezer: Youtube:
Violeta Ikari - Dounai Lavein
Violeta Ikari - 'Dunai Lavein' The powerful anthem that marks the quality, sound, music, and exceptional performances of the songs included in Themis Andreadis's upcoming album, titled 'Of Love and Loss.' Music: Themis Andreadis Lyrics: Mary Fasoulaki In the stunning performance, Violeta Ikari takes the lead. The album will be digitally released by Protasis Music in a few days. Co-production: Themis Andreadis / Protasis Music Musicians: Heraklis Zakkas: Bouzouki Vasilis Drogkaris: Accordion G. Bechlivanoglou: Cl. Guitar Dimitris Kalantzis: Piano Stavros Kavallieratos: Double Bass Orchestration: Stavros Kavallieratos Production: Themis Andreadis & Protasis Music Stay tuned for an immersive musical journey with Violeta Ikari's breathtaking interpretation. Spotify: Deezer: Youtube:  
Nikos Logothetis - Epistrofi
Singer-songwriter Nikos Logothetis is making a comeback to the music scene with his highly anticipated album titled "Epistrofi." The new album, released by Protasis Music, is expected to delight the artist's fans and Greek music enthusiasts in general. In the album "Epistrofi," Nikos Logothetis presents new compositions and performances, collaborating with exceptional lyricists such as Eleni Giannatsouli, Panos Falaras, Natalia Germanou, and Antonis Pappas. The album showcases a variety of musical styles and emotional expressions, reflecting the artist's broad talent. Nikos Logothetis has previously collaborated with renowned composers and singers in the Greek music industry, including George Katsaros, Mimis Plessas, Gregory Bithikotsis, Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, and many others. With the album "RETURN," Nikos Logothetis continues his journey in Greek music with new, original songs that appeal to all lovers of good music. Fans of the artist and enthusiasts of Greek music have the opportunity to enjoy the album "RETURN" on various platforms: Άλμπουμ: Επιστροφή iTunes/Apple Music Deezer
Etsi Ki Allios Epta Tragoudia Tha Sou Po By Themis Andreadis
After 50 years of enduring presence in our musical scene and with a break of some years from the discography, Themis Andreadis, the characteristic performer and songwriter of great satirical and not only successes that marked an era and a motto in our daily lives from the 1970s until today, such as the songs "Eimai poli oraios", "I will go to the jungle with Tarzan", "No, it's not necessary", "Mother-in-law", "Lula", "Karagiozis", "Dear Mrs. Maria", "Do you have a penthouse or are they calling you?", "Dimitrakis", "The romantic meal", "The burdened man", and many other well-known ones, makes a resonant and dynamic return to the discography with his new music collection, which has the color and aroma of his well-known artistic personality but also a romantic and sensitive side in surprise songs that he will share with the audience in collector circles. "Etsi Ki Allios Epta Tragoudia Tha Sou Po" is the first cycle. Featuring compositions by Themis Andreadis, Christos Vidiniotis, and Stelios Tzanetis, and lyrics by Themis Andreadis, Angelos Tsekeris, and Kostas Alexiou, digitally released by Protasis Music. Vocally participating are Phoebus Delivorias, the debutant Anna Andreadi, and Nadia Karagianni. Lyrics: Angelos Tsekeris Music: Themis Andreadis Orchestration: Stamatis Christou Production: Themis Andreadis Released by Protasis Music Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: YouTube:
Haris & Panos Katsimichas 'From the Era of Fairy Tales.'
Protasis Music proudly presents the 2021 album by Haris & Panos Katsimichas, titled 'From the Era of Fairy Tales.' It features 10 wonderful songs that take us back to the time when people still lived with fairy tales, while at the same time, the album offers us unique moments of musical enjoyment. Listen on Youtube Listen on Spotify 
New release: Nikos Logothetis "Na magapas"
Protasis Music is happy to announce the new release of Nikos Logothetis "Na Magapas" From the collaboration of two renowned artists, NIKOS LOGOTHETIS and ANTONIS PAPPAS, a fresh summer song has emerged, which will make us think of crazy trips on golden sands with magical beaches and will always accompany us in our dreams. Music: Nikos Logothetis Lyrics: Antonis Pappas
Two new songs by Panos Katsimichas
Protasis Music is proud to present two new songs released by Panos Katsimihas. "Gyrizo Tis Plates Mou Sto Mellon" By Panos Katsimihas Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: "Me Tin Proti Stagona Tis Vrohis" By Panos Katsimihas Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer:  
"Love is Greek to me" movie placement
Protasis Music Publishing is happy to announce yet another successful movie placement for the song "Gi ayta ta matia" sung by Dimitris Karadimos. Our sincere congratulations to Christodoulos Siganos / Valentino / Euthimis Karadimos Δημήτρης Καραδήμος - Γι' αυτά τα μάτια Διεύθυνση παραγωγής: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός Μουσική: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός Στίχοι: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός / Valentino / Ευθύμης Καραδήμος Ενορχήστρωση : Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός / Αποστόλης Μαλλιάς #musicpublishing #licensing #tvplacements #AdPlacement #movieplacement #greece
New work of Panos Katsimihas "Erotiko Kalesma"
Protasis Music is happy to share the new work of Panos Katsimihas "Erotiko Kalesma"! Poetry: Menelaos Ludemis Music: Haris and Panos Katsimihas Song: Panos Katsimihas Acoustic guitar, harmonica: Panos Katsimihas Programming, mixing, mastering: Sotiris Papadopoulos Stentor Studio Youtube link: Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer:
New Release Panos Katsimihas "Ta Tragoudia mou einai kapos"
Protasis Music is proud to announce the new release of Panos Katsimihas "Ta tragoudia mou einai kapos" Lyrics, music: Haris and Panos Katsimihas Song: Panos Katsimihas Recording, mixing, mastering: Stentor studio Spotify: Apple Music: Deezer:
Protasis Music Publishing for Modibody (Israel)
We are pleased to announce another successful advertisement in Israel by Protasis Music Publishing. Original song: "Ena Tefariki" by Michalis Menidiatis and Mimi Theopoulos. See the full advertisment here:
Protasis Music Publishing for ZARA Home
Protasis Music Publishing continues getting placements. Our newest collaboration with one of the largest advertising companies in US for ZARA Home allowed Protasis Music Publishing once again to take Greek music outside Greece. Congratulations to our wonderful composer Marios Strofalis, whose music gave life to a highly aesthetic campaign of the Zara Home Hydra collection internationally. We are very proud of that we can create an opportunities for the Greek composers to be heard all over the world and for the opportunity to represent an amazing Greek repertoir Internationally with aesthetics, elegance and professionalism.  
Protasis Music Publishing for NETFLIX
Once again Protasis Music Publishing placed Greek music in an international movie. The music of Kostas Mountakis travels from Turkey all over the world thanks to NETFLIX. His famouse and beloved in Greece song "Thalassa" covers the music for the movie "Paper Lives".
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