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Themis Andreadis "Tou erota kai tou chamou"

Themis Andreadis
"Tou erota.. kai tou chamou" (Of Love... and Chaos)
14 + 1 songs

New music compilation/digital release from Protasis Music
Produced by Themis Andreadis/Protasis Music

With 55 years of enduring presence in Greek music and a hiatus from discography for some years, Themis Andreadis makes a powerful comeback. With this second collection of 14 + 1 eclectic songs, he showcases another multifaceted and dynamic aspect of himself as a composer, lyricist, and a sensitive performer, in addition to his well-known role as a creator and interpreter of satirical songs.

Today, timeless and indestructible by the years that have passed, he proves that he remains a distinct artistic personality with much more to offer to the Greek music scene.

The music collection "Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos" includes ballads, timeless folk influences, songs with sensitive humor, and elements of rock. Outstanding performances by participating contemporary artists add depth and dimension to an already excellent musical material that stands out for its diversity in sounds, melodies, and rhythms.

Collaborating artists include Themis Andreadis, Dimitris Andreadis, Doros Demosthenous, Violeta Ikari, Nefeli Fasouli, and Martha Frinzila. A special collaboration and interpretative dialogue with Themis Andreadis is the actor Spyros Papadopoulos.

Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos, 14 + 1 songs
14 compositions by Themis Andreadis with lyrics by Mary Fasoulaki and his own, born through a dialogue and the sharing of personal experiences between the two creators. Some of these songs, already well-received by the audience, embark on their journey today on all digital platforms and YouTube.

Themis Andreadis is one of the distinctive artistic figures of the post-dictatorship era in Greek music. Flourishing during a period when Greek music, freed from restrictions imposed during the dictatorship, thrived and left behind a significant cultural legacy, Themis Andreadis made an indelible mark that endures to this day.

Starting as a guitarist and singer in prominent ensembles of the time, Andreadis was discovered by Giannis Markopoulos. Markopoulos provided him with the opportunity to begin his career with huge timeless hits of the era, such as "Tou andra tou polla vary" and "Tha pao sti zoungla me ton Tarzan." Recognizing Andreadis's diverse interpretive skills, the composer entrusted him with ballads like "Ochi den prepei na synantithoume" and "Pou pate loipon."

With a rich, creative discography and a stage presence over 55 years, Themis Andreadis remains a complete artist with a unique stage presence. He has collaborated as an interpreter with eminent composers such as Giannis Markopoulos, Mimis Plessas, George Hadjinasios, Vasilis Dimitriou, Christodoulos Halaris, and significant poets and lyricists like Erricos Thalassinos, Giorgos Chronas, Giorgos Skourtis, and Kostas Virvos.

In 1973, he met lyricist and cartoonist Giannis Logothetis, also known as LoGo. In collaboration with composer-musician Giannis Kiourktsoglou, they pioneered a new genre of songwriting. This genre, in conjunction with Themis Andreadis's interpretive and stage presence, achieved immense success and was recognized and recorded as Satirical Song.

After many years of collaboration with major production companies, Themis Andreadis decided to follow the path of independent production and recording. As a composer and now also as a singer, he collaborated with Manos Eleftheriou, Lazaros Biki, Mino Amaroti (pseudonym of poet Manolis Anagnostakis), and poet Giannis Efthimiadis.

This second collection, "Themis Andreadis - Of Love... and Chaos," following the recent release titled "7 tragoudia tha sou po" ("I will tell you 7 songs"), is  released by Protasis Music. Protasis Music continues with the same ideology of quality representation, hosting a great artist who still has much to create and communicate in our musical environment.

The album is available digitally on all platforms and YouTube.





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