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Panos Katsimihas, Kostas Leivadas "San louloudi sto vraho"

A record encounter between two significant and multifaceted creators, who co-sign and perform exceptionally together.

"Like a Flower on the Rock" is the title of the song,

with Music by Kostas Leivadas and Lyrics by Panos Katsimihas.

A successful coexistence that has both past and present, and we hope for a future.

Two artists guaranteeing quality writing and performances.

We hope "Like a Flower on the Rock" finds hearts to blossom in.

Released by Protasis Music.

Lyrics: Panos Katsimihas

Music: Kostas Leivadas

Song: Panos Katsimihas, Kostas Leivadas

Piano-santouri: Kostas Leivadas

Violins-violas: Fotis Siotas

Orchestration: Kostas Leivadas - Panos Katsimihas - with the contribution of Fotis Siotas on strings

Recording-mixing-mastering: Alexandros Chrysides, Sierra Studio

Publisher: Protasis Music Publishing

Released by Protasis Music


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"When I received the lyrics from "Like a Flower on the Rock" by Panos Katsimihas, at first, I was deeply moved, embraced it with my soul, and then, for a long time, I didn't read it again in its entirety, I just stole glances at it because I found it difficult to depart from the position of the recipient and listener who had received this message in the bottle that traveled thousands of years, as much as the almighty function of the song.

I became a fellow traveler at an unsuspecting blessed moment, which I had been waiting for a long time. Just as it ideally happens on unforgettable journeys... Indeed, lifelong listeners, those who respect the gift and carry the flame, know that the song never leaves you first and is doubly generous in patience and persistence. It saves lives and accommodates us all, and for this, Panos and I owe our own lives.


Kostas - Panos

March 2024"

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