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Code: PR-1102-2
Title: Tales of the water
Artist: Antonis Plessas
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 20/02/2010
Tales of the water

The first music on Earth must have been the sound of water. So the circle of life seems to be aquatic. This music narrates the story of water and of the human being and seems to “moisturize” the listener just like water does.
22 of the best soloist present this “watery” music showing their great talent and musicality through their performances in “Tales of the water”. 
The first music on Earth was definitely the sound of water and with great possibility will be the last. Refresh yourself by listening!

1. Nostalgic Teardrop
2. A Fisherman of Desires
3. Time and Tide
4. Drizzle of Spring
5. A Shaft of Sunlight in a Glass of Water
6. The Dripping of a Tap, the Life that Vanishes
7. Dancing with the waves
8. The Young Seafarer
9. Which Way to Go?
10. My Kids’ Hug
11. Basket with Seasonings on the Beach
12. The Flavour of your Morning Kiss

To basket (10,00 €)

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