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Code: PR-1058-2
Title: Tangos a quatro
Artist: Tangos a quatro
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 2003
Tangos a quatro

It is an invitation for dance, pleasure, reverie and acquaintance with the music of Astor Piazzola!  Is it dedicated only to the insiders of his music? Or is it also for the beginners too? The CD addressed to all who are interested to learn, but also to listen to another special musical genre, such as the approach of the music ensemble of Tangos a Cuatro to the music of Astor Piazzola. It is addressed to all the people who desire and demand, through the rush and the hurry of the daily life, to live and dream freely. This is the achievement of the music quartet of tango and was accomplished thanks to their knowledge of the particular music as well as their experience of choice. This choice was proved to be the right one and was reinforced with the concerts of the music band.

Tangos a Cuatro chose compositions of Αstor Piazzola, such as Adios Nonino, Chau Paris, S.V.P., Oblivion, etc. Inspired by his music, we remember the words of Αstor Piazzola about tango:

“….It is a catoptrical image of sensational confrontation of a couple, who is not even a couple, but two people with very strong will…..”


However, we wish you that if it is to dance a tango with someone, let it be the one you desire…



  1. Tanti anni prima
  2. Adios Nonino
  3. Chau Paris
  4. Milogna en re (duo)
  5. Preparense
  6. Tzigane tango
  7. Milonga del angel
  8. S.V.P.
  9. Oblivion
  10. Michelangelo 70

To basket (10,00 €)

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