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Code: PR-1055-2
Title: Best of Cuba
Artist: Manolo Vega
Category: ETHNIC
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 2003
Best of Cuba

In this unique CD you can find the best of the very best Cuban songs! Such magnificent results could only be reached by the unique Manolo Vega in the ¨BEST OF CUBA¨. Most known songs, which have been interpreted by a great number of artists, as: Hasta siempre, 20 Anos, Guantanamera, Historia De Un Amor, Maria Cristina, orchestrated by Manolo Vega. Along with him, Aeroson in three songs recorded live in Cuba, transfer us to the aura of their country.
“Best of Cuba” is a CD, which proves that the cheerfulness, dance and rhythm are “all time classics”.

1. El Cuarto de Tula
2. Dos Gardénias
3. Amor Amor
4. Historia de un amor
5. Maria Cristina
6. Pilongo
7. Hasta siempre
8. Caminando
9. 20 anos
10. Dime quieu
11. Cosas del Alma
12. Yolanda
13. Y tù que haz hecho
14. Moliento Café
15. Guantanamera
16. La Caminadora
17. Hasta siempre

To basket (10,00 €)

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