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Code: PR-1084-2
Title: Lakis Halkias-“The First Songs”
Artist: Lakis Halkias
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 06/04/2010
Lakis Halkias-“The First Songs”

Lakis Halkias, who origins from a famous family of musicians from Epirus, Greece (he is the son of the great clarinet player Tasos Halkias) started his career in music in a very young age.

His unique voice made him very famous and he is considered to be one of the greatest Greek singers of traditional and “Laika” (popular) songs. In this record we find his early recordings in the USA at the 60’s & 70’s such us “Dolce Vita”, “Deka simvoules”, “Plirofories kakes” etc.

An exceptional CD with sentimental and historical value for your collection!

1. Dolce Vita

2. Deka Simvoules / Ten Advises

3. Kardia Pligomeni / Broken Heart

4. Panta Esena Silogiemai / I Always Think Of You

5. Plirofories Kakes / Bad News

6. Nixtose / It’s Getting Dark

7. Paraponiariko / Complainer

8. Oli Pethainoun Mia For A / Everyone Dies Once

9. Mi Rotas, Mi Rotas / Don’t Ask, Don’t Ask

10. To Tragoudi Tis Ftochologias / Song Of The Poor

11. San Chamogelas Koukli Mou / When You Smile My Darling

12. Agapo, Agapo / I Love, I Love

13. Opos Plironis Tha Plirothis / You ‘Ll Get Paid The Way You Pay

14. Simera Anixame Taverna / Today We Opened A Tavern

You can also buy a digital copy of the album here:

To basket (10,00 €)

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