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Code: PR-1083-2
Title: The Songs Of The European Resistance
Artist: Various Artists
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 06/04/2010
The Songs Of The European Resistance

The album “THE SONGS OF THE EUROPEAN RESISTANCE” has undoubtedly historical value! It contains rare performances of songs that sang people in several European countries during the Second World War against the fascism. In this CD you will also be able to watch to a 3 minutes video with scenes from the liberation of Athens (12th of October 1944) from the documentary of Fotis Lambrinos “Aris Velouhiotis-The dilemma”. In the inset you will also find rare photo material from this time. An important album that awakes emotions…      
1. Vrontaei O Olimpos/ Olympus Thunders

2. I Poli Mas Kaigetai/ Our City Is Burning

3. Antichoun Ta Bouna/ Echoes In The Mountains

4. Adelfia Stis Poleis/ Brothers In The Cities

5. Tragoudi Tou Breendonck/ Breendonck’s Song

6. Empros Ellas/ Hellas, Go

7. Varia Omichli Epese/ Thick Fog

8. Oi Sklavoi Epanastatisan/ The Slaves Have Rebelled

9. Autoi Apo Tous Maki/ Those From The Maki

10. I Sklavia/ The Slavery

11. Rotoun Gia Ton Patera Mou/ They Ask For My Father

12. To Midraliovolo/ Machine Gun

13. Dongo

14. Kardia Sto Sakidio/ Heart In The Bag

15. Ftochi Mana/ Poor Mother

16. Omichli, Omichli Mou/ Fog, My Fog

17. O Mantou Apo To Kavaran/ Mantou From Kavaran

18. Peristeri Tis Eirinis/ Dove Of Peace

19. Bela Khun Den Exei Stratiotes/ Bela Khun Does Not Have Soldiers

20. Penthimo Emvatirio/ Funerary March


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