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Code: PR-1025-2
Title: In Smyrna and Kordelio
Artist: Kostas Voutiras
Category: FOLK
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 07/04/2010
In Smyrna and Kordelio

The collaboration of Kostas Voutiras, who is born in Kordelio of Thessaloniki and Agathonas Iakovidis started six years ago by live performances. Their common passion for the Greek cultural heritage leads them to the recording of the CD “In Smyrna and Kordelio”. The album contains 14 traditional songs from Smyrna and Kordelio interpreted by Kostas Voutiras. Agathonas Iakovidis participates vocally in 3 songs and orchestrated the music. A CD with songs from two regions that experienced almost absolute destruction in 1923, dedicated to all those that saw their homes and lives destroyed more than 80 years ago.
1. Mia smirnia sto parathiri / one woman from smyrna in the window

2. Psarades / fishermen

3. To koutsavaki/ local crafty guy

4. To salvari /  a pair of breeches

5. Mikri mou kordeliotissa / my little girl from kordelio

6. Koukla mou esi / my beautiful doll

7. Manaki mou / my love

8. Ballos masticha / mastic ballos (dance)

9. Arabas perna / the carriage is passing by

10. Milo mou kai mantarini / my apple and my tangerine

11. Apo ta polla/ among the many

12. Echasa mantili/ i lost handkerchief

13. Smirnia mou to fakioli sou / woman from smyrna, your veil

14. Bournovas


To basket (10,00 €)

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