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Code: PR-1051-2
Title: Kolonaki- Tzitzifies
Artist: Giorgos Tzortzis
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 07/04/2010
Kolonaki- Tzitzifies

A collection of the most popular “rebetika” songs. Giorgos Tzortzis is distinguished for the trueness and the respect which he approaches and interprets classical tracks from the history of rebetiko. With tracks such as "Kolonaki- Tzitzifies", "Stis Trikimias tin parazali", "Se pion to derti mou na po" and many others, Giorgos Tzortzis invites the listener to enjoy and further explore this special genre. At the same time, this music reminds us all of those unforgettable sprees with good company and lots of wine...

1. Kolonaki-Tzitzifies

2. Stis trikimias tin parazali/ in the daze of the storm

3. Otan sta kentra se pigaino/ when i take you to the night clubs

4. Psila mi chtizeis ti fwlia/ don’t build the nest too high

5. Anthrope mou/ my man

6. Ta matia kai ta magoula/ the eyes and the cheeks

7. Krasopino/ i drink wine

8. Se poion to derti mou na po/ to whom can i say my pain

9. Kouventes stin filaki/ discussions in jail

10. Taksidiotis/ the voyager

11. Ma ti na kano s’ agapo/ i love you, what can i do

12. Kosmos plouti lachtara/ people long for riches

13. Pseuti dounia/ liars

14. Stalagmatia-stalgmatia/ drops

15. Ksenichtis/  the one who stayed up all night

16. Adeiase mou ti gonia/ get out of here

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To basket (10,00 €)

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