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Code: PR-1074-2
Title: Aquarelles
Artist: Thanasis Dritsas
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 07/04/2010

Thanasis Dritsas is worldwide known for his clinical activity and research in using music as a mean for therapy. In “Aquarelles”, he interprets musically the meaning of very small poetic phrases trying to “activate the attributes of spirit and the hidden senses that are lead to loss…” in our neurotic way of living. This piece is divided in three parts (“Aquarelles-sinikones”, “Mikres ikones” and “Diafanies”). The true intention of Thanasis Dritsas is to satisfy your senses in a calm and cheerful place…      

1. I proti ixisi/ the first sounding

2. Sto aplos kianoun/ simply azure

3. Kipos vlepei, akouw ta xromata/ the garden sees, i listen to the colours

4. Afanis geometria/ invisible geometry

5. Diafanes mov stagones/  transparent purple drops

6. Fisa do fisa kei/ blow here blow there

7. Efthrastoi ichoi/ fragile sounds

8. Idatografia/ watercolour

9. To kokkino alogo/ the red horse

10. I ptisi/ the flight

11. Choros tou peter pan/ the dance of peter pan

12. Karterema/ waiting

13. Ta podilata/ the bikes

14. Diafaneia proti/ first transparency

15. Diafaneia deuteri/ second transparency


To basket (10,00 €)

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