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Code: PR-1028-2
Title: The songs of the Red Army
Artist: The Red Army Choir
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 07/04/2010
The songs of the Red Army

“The songs of the Red Army”, songs that narrate history, speak of culture and remind us of a long gone era. This CD is not only music. It is part of the tradition of a country, but also a piece of world history. These songs represent the movement against fascism during the Second World War in Europe. Although the Soviet Union has fallen apart, the songs still remain symbols of freedom and resistance. 
1. Ieros polemos/holy war

2. Kokinos stratos/red army

3. Stous kampous sta bouna/in the plains and the mountains

4. Empros sintrofoi/ let’s go companions

5. Bolga rossiko potami/volga, russian river

6. To tragoudi tou rossikoy stratoy/ the song of the red army

7. Kalinka

8. Varsovianna/woman from warsaw

9. Tsapaef

10. Varkarides toy volga/boatmen of volga

11. Katiousa

12. Poliousko-pole

13. To xwrio fanike/the village appeared

14. O apoxairetismos tou stratioti/the goodbye of the soldier

15. Empros sti machi/let’s go to the battle

16. Tragoudi gia tous iroes/a song for the heroes

17. Vlepw ena xorio/i see a village

18. Girizontas apo to berolino/returning from berlin

19. Ergatiki marsegieza/marseillesse of labour

20. Diethnis/international

21. Penthimo emvatirio/funerary march


To basket (10,00 €)

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