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Code: PR-1162-2
Title: Agapame vre paidi mou agapame
Artist: Jim Cibero
Category: LAIKA
Producer: Protasis Music
Released: 12/09/2013
Agapame vre paidi mou agapame

Jim Simbero, just one year after his debut in discography on spring 2012, with the cd “Me lene monaxia” (They call me loneliness), a production of Akis Golfidis , returns with a bright new record production. 
His new cd-single titled “Agapame vre pedi mou, agapame” (I am in love, baby, I am in love), includes four new songs.  Tasos Vougiatzis, with his characteristic personal style, signs the lyrics in all four songs and has composed music in two of them: “Mi me lipasai” (Don´t feel sorry for me) and “Savatovrada” (Saturday nights).  Kostas Logothetidis (member of the duet “Ekeinos+Ekeinos” has composed the music of the cover title song “Agapame vre pedi mou, agapame” and Dimitris Mountouris the music in the fourth song “Stasou” (Wait a minute). Akis Golfidis signs also the present production. The Cd-single is released by Protasis Music. 
Jim Simbero´s  new songs take us back to the glorious decades of greek song yet keeping the fresh sound of modern greek music and they certainly worth your choice to hear them! 
1. Agapame vre paidi mou agapame
2. Mi me lipasai
3. Stasou
4. Savvatovrada

To basket (5,00 €)

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