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Nikos Logothetis - Epistrofi

Singer-songwriter Nikos Logothetis is making a comeback to the music scene with his highly anticipated album titled "Epistrofi." The new album, released by Protasis Music, is expected to delight the artist's fans and Greek music enthusiasts in general.

In the album "Epistrofi," Nikos Logothetis presents new compositions and performances, collaborating with exceptional lyricists such as Eleni Giannatsouli, Panos Falaras, Natalia Germanou, and Antonis Pappas. The album showcases a variety of musical styles and emotional expressions, reflecting the artist's broad talent.

Nikos Logothetis has previously collaborated with renowned composers and singers in the Greek music industry, including George Katsaros, Mimis Plessas, Gregory Bithikotsis, Eleni Vitali, Glykeria, and many others. With the album "RETURN," Nikos Logothetis continues his journey in Greek music with new, original songs that appeal to all lovers of good music.

Fans of the artist and enthusiasts of Greek music have the opportunity to enjoy the album "RETURN" on various platforms:

Άλμπουμ: Επιστροφή

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