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Panos Katsimihas "To spiti me tis akakies"

Another outstanding collaboration of Panos Katsimihas with Protasis Music is manifested through the release of his new digital album titled "The House with the Acacias," reaffirming our company's timeless coexistence with the distinguished artist.

Panos himself provides his description regarding the content of this collection, as well as the motive behind its creation and release, in a recent interview with Metronomos magazine, as excerpted below:

"The House with the Acacias" is what embraced my childhood, adolescence, and the painful early adulthood with love. Then began a journey that took us far away and for a long time. However, in this house, everything happened. The first readings, the first melodies, the first decisions, the determination for a path I had chosen as a child, even though I didn't admit it, not even to myself. What followed afterward was just a matter of time. Everything had to happen... and it did." **This pertains to the album "The House with the Acacias."

The renowned meticulous and qualitatively excellent production of Panos Katsimihas, with its characteristic and beloved sound and performance, adds yet another significant release to the existing repertoire of Protasis Music, in continuation of the timeless collaboration with producers Haris and Panos Katsimihas.

"House with the Acacias" is musically described and interpreted through 9 well-known songs, exemplifying both creative and interpretive writing by Panos Katsimihas, in collaboration with exceptional musicians, ensuring the aesthetic result of the production. Detailed information about the musicians and the lyrics of the songs is provided in the attached file.


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