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Miltos Pavlou's New Release: "Ti zoi mou ego"

**Miltos Pavlou's New Release: "Τη ζωή μου εγώ"**

Prolific, versatile, and multi-talented, Miltos Pavlou returns artistically after two significant creations and productions of poetry set to music by Constantine Cavafy in the collections Ithaca and ITHACA, in Greek and English. He now presents his new single "Τη ζωή μου εγώ" (My Life), a song that reflects the aesthetics of his musical and lyrical writing, serving as a forerunner to his upcoming collection titled "Νόημα" (Meaning), which will be released as a complete album this fall by Protasis Music.

The song "Τη ζωή μου εγώ" represents a pivotal and significant moment in Pavlou's songwriting and life. It marks the transition from an ending journey to a new beginning, embodying a decisive moment in life. As the creator himself states, it is a crucial piece, though not necessarily representative of the style and sound of the forthcoming full album.

The "Νόημα" album in preparation includes various musical aesthetic proposals with a multifaceted sound that draws on both Western tradition and dynamic modern Greek language and musical tradition, reflecting Pavlou's life as a Greek abroad.

The song "Τη ζωή μου εγώ" bridges two worlds, being a personal anthem of major decisions, destruction, and self-reinvention in the quest for meaning and the construction of a new life path. The Cretan lute played by Pavlou's close collaborator, Sergios Voudris—who also plays the guitars and serves as co-producer and orchestrator of the entire album—marks the moment of this transitional step between loss, absolute crisis, and the charting of a new life course. The refrain's vocals are elevated by Amalia Pavlou, a talented young jazz singer and Pavlou's niece, the daughter of his brother Thanasis, who is also a classical guitar soloist.

As Miltos Pavlou states:
"Τη ζωή μου εγώ" describes and marks the critical moment we encounter in our lives. Often in a counterpoint of destructions, anxieties, survival but also upliftment, with glimpses of happiness and fulfillment. Through love and knowledge, through truth, freedom, and the enlightenment that inner search can offer. When you are called to make decisions, you need to look deeply into the mirror, search for the authentic within you, and rebuild yourself from scratch."

**Short Biography**

Miltos Pavlou was born and raised in Thessaloniki and now lives and works in Vienna, Austria, with his wife Maya Zilich and their two young children. He also has three beloved daughters and a son. As a researcher and author on human rights, with studies in Sociology (Italy) and Law (Thessaloniki), he serves at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Among other tasks, he directs and implements the EU LGBTIQ Survey in 30 European countries. Over the last thirty years, he has worked in different European and Central Asian countries, leading international interdisciplinary study and research teams. He has also served as a Special Scientist at the Greek Ombudsman and as director of institutes and centers for combating racism and xenophobia and protecting human rights (i-RED, HLHR-KEMO National Observatory Against Racism and Xenophobia). Alongside his main professional career, he composes and creates songs in Greek and English about love, journeys, places, people, and everything worth and changing life.

* Miltos Pavlou's artistic activity is not for profit, and any potential revenue from it is intended for donations to organizations that support human rights and socially vulnerable groups.

- Music: Miltos Pavlou
- Lyrics: Miltos Pavlou
- Performer: Miltos Pavlou
- Vocals: Amalia Pavlou
- Orchestration: Sergios Voudris
- Cretan lute – guitars - pads: Sergios Voudris
- Mix – Mastering: Stavros Georgiopoulos @ Diskex Studio
- Voice recordings: Studio Altāria @ Bruckhaufen, Vienna
- Artwork - Photography: Miltos Pavlou
- Production: Miltos Pavlou - Sergios Voudris

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