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New release: Nikos Logothetis "Na magapas"
Protasis Music is happy to announce the new release of Nikos Logothetis "Na Magapas" From the collaboration of two renowned artists, NIKOS LOGOTHETIS and ANTONIS PAPPAS, a fresh summer song has emerged, which will make us think of crazy trips on golden sands with magical beaches and will always accompany us in our dreams. Music: Nikos Logothetis Lyrics: Antonis Pappas
Two new songs by Panos Katsimichas
Protasis Music is proud to present two new songs released by Panos Katsimihas. "Gyrizo Tis Plates Mou Sto Mellon" By Panos Katsimihas Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: "Me Tin Proti Stagona Tis Vrohis" By Panos Katsimihas Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer:  
"Love is Greek to me" movie placement
Protasis Music Publishing is happy to announce yet another successful movie placement for the song "Gi ayta ta matia" sung by Dimitris Karadimos. Our sincere congratulations to Christodoulos Siganos / Valentino / Euthimis Karadimos Δημήτρης Καραδήμος - Γι' αυτά τα μάτια Διεύθυνση παραγωγής: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός Μουσική: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός Στίχοι: Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός / Valentino / Ευθύμης Καραδήμος Ενορχήστρωση : Χριστόδουλος Σιγανός / Αποστόλης Μαλλιάς #musicpublishing #licensing #tvplacements #AdPlacement #movieplacement #greece
New work of Panos Katsimihas "Erotiko Kalesma"
Protasis Music is happy to share the new work of Panos Katsimihas "Erotiko Kalesma"! Poetry: Menelaos Ludemis Music: Haris and Panos Katsimihas Song: Panos Katsimihas Acoustic guitar, harmonica: Panos Katsimihas Programming, mixing, mastering: Sotiris Papadopoulos Stentor Studio Youtube link: Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer:
New Release Panos Katsimihas "Ta Tragoudia mou einai kapos"
Protasis Music is proud to announce the new release of Panos Katsimihas "Ta tragoudia mou einai kapos" Lyrics, music: Haris and Panos Katsimihas Song: Panos Katsimihas Recording, mixing, mastering: Stentor studio Spotify: Apple Music: Deezer:
Protasis Music Publishing for Modibody (Israel)
We are pleased to announce another successful advertisement in Israel by Protasis Music Publishing. Original song: "Ena Tefariki" by Michalis Menidiatis and Mimi Theopoulos. See the full advertisment here:
Protasis Music Publishing for ZARA Home
Protasis Music Publishing continues getting placements. Our newest collaboration with one of the largest advertising companies in US for ZARA Home allowed Protasis Music Publishing once again to take Greek music outside Greece. Congratulations to our wonderful composer Marios Strofalis, whose music gave life to a highly aesthetic campaign of the Zara Home Hydra collection internationally. We are very proud of that we can create an opportunities for the Greek composers to be heard all over the world and for the opportunity to represent an amazing Greek repertoir Internationally with aesthetics, elegance and professionalism.  
Protasis Music Publishing for NETFLIX
Once again Protasis Music Publishing placed Greek music in an international movie. The music of Kostas Mountakis travels from Turkey all over the world thanks to NETFLIX. His famouse and beloved in Greece song "Thalassa" covers the music for the movie "Paper Lives".
Protasis for a commercial in Israel
Amazing news! Protasis Music Publishing got yet another awesome placement for the song "Sokrati Esi Souperstar" for a commercial in Israel.    
Nikolas Regkos live at Florina!
Nikolas Regkos live on Friday 7/12 at Odos Oneiron live stage in Florina! Starts: 22.00
Christian Ronig: Greece is mine - Three cover songs of Apostolos Kaldaras & Antonis Vardis
It is our pleasure to present the new album of the famous German singer-songwriter Christian Ronig "Greece is mine" that includes three cover songs translated in English from two of our most famous artists, the catalogues of whom we represent as publishers for the world, Apostolos Kaldaras and Antonis Vardis. Listen below the cover songs of Christian Ronig: Dawn is breaking (ΞΗΜΕΡΩΝΕΙ) Music: Antonis Vardis Lyrics: Haris Alexiou A star is falling (ΕΝΑ ΑΣΤΕΡΙ ΠΕΦΤΕΙ ΠΕΦΤΕΙ) Music: Apostolos Kaldaras Lyrics: Giorgos Samoladas I can't say how much I love you (ΔΕΝ ΞΕΡΩ ΠΟΣΟ Σ ΑΓΑΠΩ) Music: Apostolos Kaldaras Lyrics: Hristos Argiropoulos German singer-songwriter Christian Ronig translated and rearranged Greek songs (rembetika, smyrnaika, paradosiaka, laika and en techna). Together with Violins Productions (Paros, Greece), he recorded his debut album "Greece is mine" which is also the title song of the record. The album is featuring Greek musicians such as Vaggelis Karipis, Giorgos Tsiatsoulis or Andreas Polyzogopoulos. 
Kostas Moundakis' song "Thalassa" is covered and used in Turkish Tv-series "Ağlama Anne"
Synchronization license for the adaptation of the original song "Thalassa" by Kostas Moundakis in the Turkish Tv-series "Ağlama Anne". Click the below link to watch the promo video of the series in which the adaptation song is used:
Haris & Panos Katsimihas: New digital release "Kanis de tha mathi giati"
New digital release "Mavra Giasemia" of Hristos Botsis
New photoclip from Hreofiletes!
New digital release from Efstathia "Galapagos"
Efstathia - Galapagos Subscribe here: FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY: Lyrics: Marianina Kriezi Music: Efstathia Performing: Efstathia – Giorgos Hatzipavlou Arrangement, sound design: Hristos Avdelas Hristos Avdelas (guitar, drums, bass, percussion) Thomas Kontrogiorgis (piano, Hammond) Hristos Alexakis (trompone) Vocals: Efstathia
Interview of Petros Vagiopoulos in the newspaper "I Apopsi"
New digital release "Gia Pes Mou Kati" of Efstathia
Manos Moundakis' interview on
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