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Miltos Pavlou "Everywhere Nowhere", "Traveler soul"

M I L T O S       P A V L O U
2 New Singles
EVERYWHERE – NOWHERE, η ψυχή ταξιδεύουσα


Released digitally by Protasis Music

The composer, lyricist, and performer Miltos Pavlou takes us once again on his unique musical, lyrical, and expressive journey through classic musical forms and obvious poetic references in his lyrics with two new twin singles: the first in a Greek-English version and the second in an English version.

By creating his work in two languages, he aims to promote it to foreign markets simultaneously through Protasis Music, which has been making strides in this area recently.

Titles of the two new songs:

Everywhere – Nowhere, η ψυχή ταξιδεύουσα - Greek-English version
Traveler Soul - English version

The creator himself describes and analyzes the nature and content of both songs below:
"The song Everywhere – Nowhere / η ψυχή ταξιδεύουσα is an electro-synth-dream pop post-love and metaphysically concerned ballad. It is inspired by Miltos' love for his partner Maja Zilih and a 19th-century romantic realism prose piece by Ivan Turgenev, translated into Greek by Dimitris Triantafyllidis.

The pair of singles released include the radio version of the original Greek-English version of the song and its English counterpart, Traveler Soul, which is a nearly faithful English translation of the Greek-English lyrics of the first.

The song speaks of times of loss and the holistic and otherworldly nature of deep love that aspires to transcend time and the ephemeral nature of the body. It refers to comforting theories about panpsychism in the universe, as an answer to the realization of vanity and mortality. It concludes with the acceptance of separation and uplift through the eternal and promisingly unbroken connection of souls that once met and fleetingly united on a 'terrestrial suspended pedestal.'

COMING SOON: These two singles add two more pieces to the personal album NOEMA, which will be released in November. A year after the first collection 'ITHACA,' featuring 12 musicalized poems by K. Kavafis, Miltos Pavlou returns in November with NOEMA, a collection of pieces with his own lyrics. The songs touch on aspects of life as a journey, the human condition, and the search for meaning through love, migration, escape and return, individual and collective fulfillment, and social struggles.

Short Biography
Miltos Pavlou was born and raised in Thessaloniki, and today he lives and works in Vienna, Austria, with his partner Maja Zilih and their two young children. He has and adores three daughters and a son. A researcher and writer on human rights, with studies in Sociology (Italy) and Law (Thessaloniki), he serves at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Among other roles, he directs and implements the EU LGBTIQ Survey in 30 European countries.

Over the past thirty years, he has worked in various European and Central Asian countries, leading international multidisciplinary study and research teams, and has been a Special Scientist at the Greek Ombudsman and director of institutes and study centers combating racism and xenophobia and protecting human rights (i-RED, HLHR-KEMO National Observatory against Racism and Xenophobia).

Alongside his primary professional career, he composes and creates songs in Greek and English about love, travel, places, people, and whatever is worth and changes life.

Miltos Pavlou's artistic activity is not for profit, and any potential income from it is intended for donations to organizations supporting human rights and socially vulnerable groups.

Music: Miltos Pavlou
Lyrics: Miltos Pavlou
Performer: Miltos Pavlou
Arrangement: Sergios Voudris
Mix – Mastering: Stavros Georgiopoulos @ Diskex Studio
Voice recordings: Studio Altāria @Bruckhaufen, Vienna
Artwork - Photography: Miltos Pavlou + JWST pic of Orion Nebulae

Production: Miltos Pavlou - Sergios Voudris

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Released digitally by Protasis Music on all digital platforms:

Traveler Soul by Miltos Pavlou






Everywhere Nowhere I Psihi Taxidevousa, Radio Version by Miltos Pavlou







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